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Tattoo Designs FAQS

What are Chronic Ink Tattoo Designs?

All of our tattoo designs are hand drawn pieces of body art created by our Chronic Ink artists and ready to be booked without a scheduled consultation appointment. All of our tattoo designs are one of a kind and are only available to be tattooed once.

How do I book a session for my claimed tattoo design?

Once a deposit is paid and we receive your order, our team will contact you by phone or email to book your appointment, discuss details about the design and answer any questions you might have.

Is the deposit the final cost of my claimed piece?

The deposit does not represent the final cost of your tattoo design.

Most of the tattoo designs in our store are available in more than one size and a price range is on the tattoo design page for each size option. The final price can vary depending on the desired size and placement. Sizing and final price will be discussed when our team contacts you to book your appointment after your deposit is paid.

Keep in mind your deposit will go towards the total price of the tattoo.

Why prices are shown as a range?

Just as the size of your tattoo design affects the total price of it, so does the placement. More sensitive areas tend to require a higher level of technique such as ribs, feet, and sternum.

The price range for each tattoo design size will give you an idea of what final price to expect and will be discussed in detail after the purchase when our team contacts you to book your appointment.

Where will my tattoo session take place?

You can check at which Chronic Ink Tattoo shop or shops your design is available on the tattoo design description before you claim it.

Our team will also be communicating the shop or shops options to you when they call or email you to book an appointment.

Are tattoo designs deposits final sale?

Yes. All deposits towards Chronic Ink Tattoo Designs are final sale.

Does my claimed tattoo design ever expire?

No. Once you choose a tattoo and put a deposit towards that tattoo design, the design is considered claimed by you and can be used whenever a booking is available with the required tattoo artist.

What’s the minimum age needed to purchase Chronic Ink Tattoo Design?

You need to be 18+ to purchase and book a piece of tattoo design.
Also, please ensure to bring valid government identification as we will ask you to provide this on the day of your appointment.

Can I give it as a gift?

Yes. Any of our Chronic Ink tattoo designs can be purchased as a gift to someone else. Make sure to tell our team the name of the giftee at the time of booking an appointment. If you are unsure of what style your giftee may be interested in, take a look at our Chronic Ink Gift Cards.

Please note giftee’s need to be 18+ and please ensure to bring a valid government identification as we will ask you to provide this on the day of your appointment.