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Bagheera Seam Ring in 14k Gold by Junipurr

SKU: JJ0199-YG-10mm
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The Bagheera Seam Ring piece offers an elegantly curved “V” silhouette with beautiful beading running along the outer line. This seam style ring can be found in 14 karat Yellow Gold, White Gold and Rose Gold options. It comes in 2 different sizes.  The 16g 10mm or 3/8" measures 10mm x 16.40mm and the 16g 12mm or 1/2" measures 12mm x 19mm.


- 16 Gauge


- 14k Gold


- Secure hinge ring
- Length of the straight post should be equal to or greater than the distance between the entry and exit of the piercing (eg. the width of the septum or thickness of earlobe)
- The inner diameter should be equal to or greater than the distance from actual piercing to outer edge the ring will encircle (eg. from the hole of piercing to the bottom edge of septum or earlobe)

      Suitable for:

      - Septum
      - Daith
      - Nose (Nostril)
      - Lobe
      - Tragus
      - Forward Helix (Ear Head)