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Neoprene Face Mask - Roses by Joanna

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The 'Roses' face mask designed by @joannamroman

Our artists wanted to produce face masks that you would be proud to wear when you have to go outside. Featuring one of a kind art our Chronic Ink washable and reuseable surgical style face masks are made of 100% Neoprene and will help you to protect your nose and mouth area from exposure to unwanted contaminants.

This mask design has a different manufacturing process than the other neoprene masks that allowed us to print the graphics directly on to the fabric for finer details that the heat application could not achieve. As a result, this allowed us to construct the mask with a different center seam, which allows for more stretch and to add a pocket where you can insert a filter if desired for improved protection.

Adult length: 4 3/4"
Adult width: 7.5"

Kids length: 4"
Kids width: 6 1/2"

Neoprene masks may feel a little snug when you first get it, that’s normal. It’s designed to relax and adapt to your shape as you wear it or after the first wash. Hand wash and hang dry only.

Please note: Ships in 2 Business days.