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Guardian Moon in 14k Gold by Junipurr

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The Guardian Moon Threadless End features a flower crescent moon with a Swarovski gem in the middle.  This threadless end comes in 14k yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.  Use this piece as part of a complex or unique curation, or make it a star of the show! Sold in singles.

Front Size:

6.70mm x 5.60mm 


Solid 14k gold.


All of our stud earrings are designed to fit into a flat back threadless post sold separately. 

It can be used universally in 18g, 16g, or 14g piercings. Flat back posts help create a clean look for your ear jewelry collection so it looks its best from every angle. They're also perfect for sleeping on your side with your jewelry on and the most comfortable to wear.

Recommended piercings:

Helix piercings
Cartilage piercings
Ear lobe piercings
Conch piercings
Tragus piercings
Rook piercings
Nose piercings
Lip piercings