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This hand-drawn tattoo design is one of a kind and is only available to be tattooed once. Once claimed, it is ready to be booked without a scheduled consultation appointment.

Artist Andrew (@ndrewscott)

 **This large scale piece is being offered at a discount rate for expediency of its completion. Please do not buy if your intention is to ‘reserve’ it in the event that you might want to have it tattooed at some undetermined time in the future.
This is a freehand design concept that will be adjusted proportionately to conform to your individual measurements and assure an exceptional composition. Ie: be prepared for the design to be slightly different in shape than it appears here.
If you really like the look and feel of the design but want to put it in a location other than what is indicated here please contact the artist directly or speak to the front desk staff. Most concepts can be modified to fit almost any space.**

Sizes and Prices

Minimum 11"

2 Full day sessions

$1200 per day 

Shop Location


Suitable For

Arms or Legs 

Once a deposit is made, Chronic Ink will call you to book your appointment. The initial deposit will be deducted from final price discussed at booking. 

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