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Asian Tattoo

UPDATE: COVID-19: We're closing temporarily, but will come back stronger

As some of you heard from our premier just now, all non-essential businesses will be closed for two weeks ‪starting Tuesday‬, which will bring closures to ‪April 7th.‬ As much as it hurts not to work, we think this is the right decision. We made an internal decision this morning to keep our studios closed ‪until April 15th‬ to ensure that we are doing everything we can to protect our staff and our clients. There is no way we can get our artists to give you the best tattoos possible if they are continually worrying about the virus. Our staff will continue to get assistance from us during this time to help lessen their stress and burden. We don't have a ton of supplies left in our studios, but we've made a call to our supplier, and we've purchased 10 cases of gloves to donate to the hospitals. Each case consists of 500 pairs of gloves. We're just not sure if the hospitals will accept black gloves as those are the only ones we can source right now. If anyone knows anyone from the hospital who's dealing with sourcing supplies and protection equipment right now, can you get them to email us at together@chronicinktattoo.com? Sincerely, Chronic Ink Family
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